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Inbound Marketing Methodology in GIFs

Posted by Rizwan Ahmed on Apr 24, 2017

When I joined Inbound Mantra in March, it was emphasized that I get clear understanding of the business model. 

But, being a graphic designer it was a little difficult for me to properly understand the Inbound Marketing Methodology.

I could theoretically understand Attract, Convert, Close and Delight, but there were still gaps in the understanding and implementation.

I knew visualization was the only way to make my understanding better.

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My 2 months with HubSpot COS Development

Posted by Shubhankar Das on Apr 17, 2017

My initial days at Inbound Mantra were all around Wordpress.
Things have changed since then.
Since my HubSpot Design Certification, it's been a bumpy ride with HubSpot COS. HubSpot COS came and left me mesmerized.
I didn't have to code much unlike Wordpress, but getting used to the process and method took some effort. 
Let's take a look at some of the HubSpot COS features worth mentioning as a developer.
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5 Pointers to HubSpot COS Development for Marketplace

Posted by Sameer Thakur on Apr 10, 2017

4 months back, after completing my HubSpot Design Certification, it all looked easy.

Last week, my first HubSpot Template was finally approved and is now live on marketplace.

Why 4 months?

This was Inbound Mantra's first attempt at HubSpot COS development for marketplace, hence some of the internal processes took time.

But, post that it was just development issues and conversations between Chris (a HubSpotter) and me. To my surprise, even after following the submission guidelines, there were other problems which had to be resolved. 

Let's take a look at the 5 issues I confronted...

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Attract Quality Students with a 5 Point Inbound Marketing Plan (Infographic)

Posted by Roopal Khandelwal on Apr 5, 2017

So, we are on this drive of Higher Education with Inbound Marketing and as we promised, we'll keep feeding you with informational data to make your efforts more successful.

My last blog talked about the importance of marketing strategy for higher education and our latest ebook How to Attract Quality Students? touches the pain point of low student enrolments and provides you the best marketing strategy to attract students. We have described our FIVE Point Plan to hit just the right target students and increase your student conversion rate.

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Why an Inbound Marketing Strategy For Higher Education?

Posted by Roopal Khandelwal on Apr 3, 2017

Is marketing important for educational institutions?
Do you think you're using the right marketing strategy?
Do only striving institutions do marketing?

Whether it’s a new IIT or an IIM or Amity, a market where earlier the demand was too high as compared to supply has flipped 360 degrees, and now the supply (institutions) is higher than demand (students) with a huge gap.

According to the AISHE 2015-16 statistics, there are 799 Universities, 39,071 colleges and 11,923 Stand Alone Institutions. Institutions are literally fighting to get the best students in their institute.

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10x Organic Traffic in 15 Months

Posted by Neil Verma on Mar 28, 2017

As an Inbound Marketer, it's always a joy to see organic growth in traffic.

Not only does organic traffic bring predictability to a business, it justifies your tag as a true inbound marketer.

While a lot of ink has been spilled on SEO growth stories, this one is different. Being an inbound marketing agency in India, we cracked the US market with some out of the box SEO strategies for our dear client InsideSalesBox.

In January 2017 InsideSalesBox was able to get 7,824 organic visitors. But, if we look 15 months back, it seemed impossible. 

Let's take a look at the complete organic journey.

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