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Are SSL Certificates part of your Digital Marketing?

Posted by Harshendra Singh on Jan 12, 2017

SSL was important before, in 2017 it's essential.

What is SSL?

SSL Stands for "Secure Socket Layer". It is the industry standard for web security technology and is accepted globally. As the name suggests, SSL establishes an encrypted link between the web server and the browser.

It is the reason some site urls are prefixed by 'https' (instead of 'http') and a green padlock.

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Flipping the Marketing Funnel with Product Qualified Leads

Posted by Neil Verma on Jan 9, 2017

Over the last decade, SaaS companies have leveraged the freemium model for converting customers.

Freemium model is a combination of free and premium product features with the ability to upgrade to a paid subscription.

This try before you buy strategy has given birth to some of the most successful SaaS companies - Slack, Mailchimp, Wistia and Box.

In the last couple of years, the freemium model has evolved due to the availability of large datasets. The companies that proved the value of freemium are now harnessing their vast datasets. 

They pioneered a new piece of the marketing funnel that boosts efficiency and converts at around 50 percent - Product Qualified Leads (PQL). 

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My Encounter with Growthbot

Posted by Harsh Gaur on Jan 5, 2017

Encounter - It wasn't actually an encounter.  

This happened a month ago while I was messaging a colleague on Slack at Inbound Mantra. Growthbot caught my attention. For those who haven't used Slack, while sending direct messages you can see a list of all users within a team.  

What is Growthbot? - I asked myself. 

Is he a new employee? Is it a Robot? Definitely not, but I was curious enough and started to Google. 

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Bots are here, Come let's play

Posted by Rahul Rathi on Jan 2, 2017

Bot is a piece of script written to automate tasks you would usually do on your own.

Recently my colleague James, wrote a script for sending emails with a single click through Google sheets, I call it the James Bot. 

Facebook Messenger, Cortana by Microsoft, Siri from Apple and GrowthBot by Dharmesh Shah have made bots a popular team member. 

We at Inbound Mantra use GrowthBot regularly.

Through this blog, I have attempted to capture my experience with bots till date. 

A brief anatomy. 

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Looking 2016, Talking 2017

Posted by Rajagopalan C on Dec 28, 2016

The last time I got some sense of the year 2016, it was the 1st of January 2016.

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